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Imagining myself in twenty years is a near impossible task considering that I don’t know where I will be in a couple of months. In twenty years, I hope to have a career that is related to engineering. My first step toward accomplishing this goal is to attend UC Davis. Since I still don't have a specific job in the field of engineering in mind, I hope that I will graduate from UC Davis with the degree that I will determine later in the future using the skills that ACLC has helped me develop over the last seven years. After my undergraduate studies, I plan to go on to graduate school refining my skills. Another large goal of mine that I hope to accomplish within the next twenty years of my life is to simply enjoy it. I might achieve this goal by finding a career path that I truly enjoy and also continuing to play Ultimate Frisbee. Overall, all I can hope for in the future is to continue doing the things that I love while also finding new ones. 


20 Year Vision

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