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Engineering Alliance for the Arts Bridge

3 Artifacts

As a part of my Engineering Design and Graphics course, my team was tasked to participate in Engineering Alliance for the Arts' bridge competition. EAA is a non- profit organization that is dedicated to providing students with real engineering experiences inside the classroom. The bridge competition we were participating in included two real- world prompts that each team of learners would choose to model their brigde after. The only materials each team could use to construct their bridge was foam core boards, glue, pins, ping pong balls, and paint. The scenario my group chose was located near Quebec, Canada and so we appropriately named it "The Quebest".

Biodiveristy Survey Project

In my Environmental Science class, we were studying a unit about biodiveristy. During the unit, we went over different methods of measuring biodiversity depending on the type of the ecosystem. Additionally, we went on a field trip to Crab Cove and practiced these methods. Near the end of the unit, we were given a final project to measure the biodiveristy of places of our own choosing.

Transcendentalism Essay

Similarly to the biodiversity project for Environmental Science, my Transcendentalism Essay was written for the end of the Transcendentalism unit in English. Transcendentalism was a philosophical movement developed in the 1820s that believed in the inherent goodness in people and nature. My argumentative paper essentially discusses the advantages and disadvantages of praticing this lifestyle. 

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